About Us

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Kratom has improved the lives of many Canadians. Our goal is to preserve this.

Established in 2018, the Canadian Kratom Association is committed to maintaining consumer access to kratom and to protect vendors in Canada that are offering this tremendous plants to consumers for general well-being and health maintenance. The Canadian Kratom Association is a British Columbia-registered non-profit corporation in good standing, operating as a 501 c(4). The CKA retains lawyers and professional chartered accounts (CPAs) to ensure full compliance with both provincial and federal regulations. We have also implemented strict Board conduct policies to ensure we spend donations only in the legal protection of kratom businesses across Canada.

Through the generosity of our donors, we have been able to protect kratom vendors from health authorities and regulators. We will continue to keep kratom vendors operational across Canada.

Our Vision

The Canadian Kratom Association was formed in 2018 to protect the right of all Canadians who use Kratom for improved health and well-being. This natural botanical has been used for hundreds of years to safely relieve pain, boost energy and combat anxiety and depression symptoms. We will continue to protect businesses legally and push for regulatory reform to keep this plant safe. In 2018, we were part of the legal advisory board that made Kratom scheduled as a "natural health" product in Canada.


Every dollar you donate goes towards protecting Canadian kratom vendors when they need legal protection.


We are always seeking volunteers in various areas including marketing, editorial, legal and research.


Reach out to us for business sponsorship opportunities. Your sponsorship dollars may go towards protecting you one day.

Stay Connected

Follow our progress on social media and reach out immediately if a kratom vendor requires legal protection.